Selasa, 03 Mei 2016

                                                   Situs Batu Kuda
    As in Bandung East there is a tourist destination that is unique and a little mysterious. Its location is in the hills of Mount Manglayang. His name itself is the site of Stone Horse, a beautiful tourist spot fresh den. Situs Batu Kuda is also an asset Perhutanioffice located in the Village area Cibiru Wetan, District Cileunyi, Bandung regency.
Before you become more familiar with Stone Horse Manglayang, let's take a closer look at the background of this tourist destination. Told that the word "Manglayang" actually comes from the word "kite". It's clear "kite" is flying.
So the story of yore, according to myth, there is a horse that could fly quickly. The horse came from Gunung Kidul known Semprani horse / horse Sembrani. Well, when the horse is being over Mount Manglayang, when in perjalananya from Cirebon to Banten.
     Suddenly the horse had fallen, horse dansang then mired in a place that is not far from the point Sanghiyang (meaning the foot of the mountain). The horse was stuck in a long time, so make mired place turns into a puddle. Told in myth, the horse was then gradually turned to stone.
Believe it or not the myth, now The horse in question had been a form of a large stone in the Stone Horse Manglayang Site. Indeed UPS's existing rock formation, similar to when the horse tries to escape kubanga. But the horse power of the already depleted due to fatigue.
Until finally the horseman semprani gave up and sat down on a chair that was not far from the pool of horses. Then place the rider sits is called now known as the Stone Chair. While puddles where the Horse Semprani fall now known as the Stone Horse.
    Stone Horse Site, can be reached by passing through multiple pathways. The easiest pathways to the site via the Stone Horse is Cibiru. First, from Bandung city friends - friends download the directions to Cibiru traveler, passing the roundabout east of Bandung toward Cileunyi. About - about after approximately 3 km from the Roundabout Cibiru there will be road turn left slightly went up, just follow the earlier path.
The trip continues upward until the Stone Horse approximately 7 kilometers. Throughout the course of the trip may be a bit cramped, but offset by a wonderful view and the cold Bandung that make anyone love. If you feel confused, do not be shy to ask the locals.
     Situs Batu Kuda is a bit mystical, even there are rules, every Monday and Thursday the climbers or anyone barred from entering the area of ​​Mount Manglayang. Because according to local beliefs, it was a gathering of ancestors and spirits fine. Additionally on other days even if climbing is not allowed in an odd number. A friend - a friend of a traveler who visited the site Stone Horse should also pay attention to the local rules like this.
      The appeal of Stone Horse own site already looks after the entry into, through the gates Stone Horse. Once signed, it would seem that the dense pine forest expanse welcome the arrival of a friend - a friend of the traveler. After reaching the Pine Forest try to take a break in the middle - the middle of the pine tree area is very beautiful. Take in the silence of the existing natural beauty while grateful for the blessings that are here.
     In the largest tourist attractions Stone Horse also provided a lot of activities that can be done. Starting from the activities of camping, trekking, up cycling. Do not forget to just relax among gorgeous pine trees here. The air is definitely very fresh! Asiknya again, friend - friends traveler could visit the largest stone horse just by paying the ticket £ 3000 per / person and an additional £ 5000 if it wants camping here.
     Although this place is nature, but the majority of the supporting facilities are complete enough. In the largest tourist attractions Stone Horse existing general support sites bleak stall - stall food vendors, parking lot, restrooms, mosque and others. So do not be afraid to starve or confusion if needed anything in the Stone Horse Site.

I went there with my friends, they're from X IPA 5, Dary Rafif, and Prabu Mandvi, and here's are the photos of us...